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ASSL ASIP Specification

To achieve effective interoperation among the Autonomic Elements (AEs), we need the individual AEs to adopt standard communication interfaces. At this tier, the ASSL framework specifies the AS-level interaction protocol (ASIP). The ASSL framework specifies the AEs as entities communicating over ASIP. ASIP is a public communication interface, expressed as public messages exchanged among AEs by using public communication channels and public communication functions.

Public AS Messages. In the ASSL framework, the AEs can exchange information in the form of messages. The public AS messages are intended to be recognizable by all the AEs in the AS. The AEs communicate them over public channels (see below).

Negotiation Protocol. Typically, the AEs of an AS constantly negotiate for exchanging different information. In order to reduce the amount of exchanged information, at this tier ASSL specifies negotiation messages forming a negotiation protocol.

Public Communication Channels. In ASSL, channels are an abstract means of communication, connecting AEs. At this tier, the ASSL framework specifies the public channels used for connecting the AEs in an AS. The public channels are accessible by all the AEs in an AS or by any environmental entity willing to communicate with the AS.

Public Communication Functions. Communication functions are routines using the communication channels to propagate messages among the AEs. A communication function could use a single or multiple channels, or operate in unicast or broadcast mode.


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