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Developying Autonomic Systems with ASSL

»  Prototyping NASA Space Exploration Missions with ASSL
  »»  Prototyping Autonomous Nano-Technology Swarm (ANTS)
  »»  Prototyping Voyager

»  Developing Home Automation Wireless Sensor Networks with ASSL
»  Developing Self-managing Embedded Systems with ASSL
»  Developing Autonomic Properties for Pattern-recognition Systems with ASSL

Model Checking with ASSL

»  Developing a Build-in Model Checker for ASSL
»  Developing a Mechanism for Mapping ASSL Specifications to Service Logic Graphs
»  Post-implementation model checking with Java Pathfinder

Automated Test Case Generation for ASSL Self-managing Policies

To detect errors introduced not only with the ASSL specifications, but also with the supplementary coding following the automatic code generation, the automatic verification provided by the ASSL tools is about to be augmented by appropriate Test Generator Tool. This tool automates the generation of test cases for self-management policies in ways that support incremental testing and provide immediate visual feedback.

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Visual Modeling with ASSL

The objective of this project is to develop UML-like presentation of the ASSL tiers where a visual environment that implements the ASSL mathematical models will help expert designers to efficiently build autonomic systems via modeling customizable ASSL specifications with the drag-and-drop technique. This approach helps developers to visually specify and model with ASSL by using the drag-and-drop technique to introduce new tier instances to an ASSL specification. These tier instances are presented with a customizable visual interface that is used to set the appropriate tier features. In addition, visual connectors are used to connect tier instances in an appropriate hierarchical order that is necessitated by the ASSL multi-tier specification model.

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